The wedding band or ring is a symbol of holy matrimony, it indicates that the person who is wearing it has been ‘taken’ and they ‘belong’ to another individual of the opposite sex mentally and physically. From a cultural aspect the ‘wedding ring concept’ is believed to have originated from Europe, however, the custom has spread far and wide and in the current day and age it is practiced by almost every other culture on the planet. In the beginning, it was only customary for the bride to wear a wedding ring, however as women became more liberal the custom eventually transcended and men were required to wear a ring as well. The centuries old tradition has become the defining factor between the vows that are exchanged between husband and wife. However, how the ring looks, feels and costs is a different ballgame altogether.

Wedding rings are usually forged in gold with intricate designs that are suited to the wearer’s sense of fashion; however wedding rings are not always made of metal, some cultures use wooden or marble rings and the Chinese are known to use jade, however gold remains to be the most popular choice for rings. The price of the jewellery piece ultimately depends on the composition of the jewellery which the bride and groom choose. White gold, 18K, 22 K, platinum, titanium and a variety of other precious metals are all candidates of the wedding band. Buying a wedding ring has always been considered the ‘highlight’ of a couple’s path towards holy matrimony and it is usually a costly and keeping within a predetermined budget is also one of the most important aspects of getting married as couples venture into the world together as a team and start their family from scratch. There are a variety of ways that couples could procure a wedding ring that is not only within their means, but also cost effective.

Instead of buying gold rings that are decorated with gem stones (which would make the price of these rings increase exponentially), opting for simpler and bland designs that would remain in fashion for a long time would be a good approach if a budget needs to be observed. Typically a gold ring would weigh between 10 grams to 40 grams depending on size, however when jewellery is concerned the price paid is not only for the precious metal, but also for the design. Thus a simple straightforward plain design (without gemstones) would cost much less than a ring that is intricately designed. Bear in mind that intricate designs do go out of fashion and thick rings that are heavy, are not only uncomfortable, but also cumbersome as the designs jagged edges may snag clothing items and tend to get knocked around a bit more than smooth plain designs that are not only cheaper, but much more comfortable to wear. Thus it is better to choose a wedding ring that will represent the marriage’s long term objective – smooth and un-obstructive.

If gold is beyond your means, silver wedding rings could also do the trick; after all, it is not just about the ring, it is about, you, your partner and the lifelong commitment. Silver rings would cost less than a hundred dollars as opposed to gold rings that might cost and easy thousand. So if you have budget constraints, don’t fret, be honest about it to your partner and get a silver ring for the time being as an upgrade on your 1st, 5th or 10th anniversary is always possible. You will not only have a lot of time to save up for it, but it will also come as a wonderful surprise and reignite the flame of love!