Warsaw Association of Goldsmiths Scholarship Program

The Warsaw Association of Goldsmiths mainly focuses on the modern technology related to the making of golden and silver jewellery. The prime aim of the website is to educate the interested masses over a wide range of topics like refining scrap gold theory, creating gold & silver granules from ingots, creating modern as well as classical jewellery designs and many more. We do understand the value of scholarship and leave no stone unturned to provide the same to the students who need it the most. It is our passion to help our future generation with the best of knowledge and steer them towards the right path. Inspiring the needy students with the right mode of support is the objective we adhere to and make sure they get everything they are looking for.

Eligibility criteria for the students-

  • The applicants have to qualify the high school board examination
  • A minimum GPA of 3.5 is required
  • Having deep passion for jewellery studies

Scholarship amount– A minimum of $500 will be given to individual student, provided he/she qualifies all the criteria set for them to pass the assessment.

Details regarding the application-

  • All the applicants need to write an essay within 1000-1500 words which has to be approved by our judgement panel. Below are the topics decided by our judgement panel. Students can pick any one of them and write unique essay about it.
  1. The art behind making modern golden and silver jewellery
  2. How modern technology changed jewellery industry
  • We will not be answerable for our judgement, as we have sole authority to reject any work at any stage.
  • However, the students can email us their queries and clear doubts at:

karolina.k [at] jewellers.edu.pl

Deadline– We arrange such scholarship programmes once a year and for this year, the deadline is 01/07/2018. The result will be published after fifteen days of all the submissions i.e 15/07/2018.

Terms & conditions-

  • We hold the sole right to verify every information provided by the students.
  • No hidden cost is applied for the scholarship.
  • The rules and regulations of this programme can be altered at any point of time by our authority.