About Us

Warsaw Association of Goldsmiths provides short term educational courses on jewellery manufacturing, jewellery making, metal casting, metal refining, metal work, engraving and associated topics for those with an interest in either hobby or employment in jewellery making / manufacturing.

Our experienced staff offer courses in English language from our unit / workshop located opposite the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland.

Our educators can provide you with the knowledge and skills required to begin your own small scale jewellery manufacturing business, along with providing education on sourcing and lowering the cost of precious metals, such as gold and silver, in order to maintain a competitive advantage when using these metals.

As the majority of high end jewellery sold is gold jewellery, we focus primarily on this area, with focus on refining and creating your own low cost alloys of rose gold, white gold and yellow gold karat blends, we also educate on working with pure 24k gold items, with secondary focus on pure silver jewellery items and base metal jewellery.

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